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Our Story

With over 40 years experience as a Master leather-craftsman, CLEON DESIGN’s owner-operator Jim Tsoutsouras is one of Australia’s Captains of Industry. Jim is at the helm of CLEON DESIGN, a team of experienced artisans who he guides, directs and oversees all work on each and every product designed and produced.

Hailing from Europe and working between Italy, Greece and Australia, Jim has lead Production teams for some of the country’s largest handbag labels, managing a myriad of facets in the business and ensuring the work being done is of premium quality. Jim’s refined skills are showcased throughout his work where he can develop premier products all the way from concept to construction.

When investing in a creation made by CLEON DESIGN, you can be assured of attention to detail, intricate workmanship and ambition to produce only the best quality throughout the stages of production. From impeccable handiwork to the leathers and hardware used, CLEON DESIGN’s work is to be marvelled at for it’s flawless design and execution.

Being one of Australia’s last master’s of his craft, Jim is a force to be reckoned with – demonstrating precisely why it is so important to strive and support Australian-made products. From one-off custom-made bags through to managing all levels of production, Jim currently makes for some of the movers and shakers in the Australian accessories industry and is open to discuss how he can work best with new clients. Get in touch via the contact page to schedule an appointment.